Who is this Mastermind for?

This Mastermind is designed for the woman who is ready to invite more positive abundance into all areas of her life! She knows she has some personal growth that needs to be done, but needs some guidance and support so she can lean into the woman she desires to be. This Mastermind is for the woman who wants more self love, self acceptance, and self control. The Syncquility Mastermind is for the woman who is ready to start creating a life she feels excited to live, everyday!

Our Mastermind foundation

  • Interactive

    This Mastermind will be highly interactive! Each week you will be speaking and each will you will be giving advice/feedback to the other women in the Mastermind. 

  • Celebration items

    Each week you will be given a celebration item; an action to complete, that will help support your goals throughout the Mastermind

  • Stronger together

    This is a space that is FREE of judgment, shame, or comparison. We only allow compassion, respect, and supportive language. 


  • Focus areas

    Nurturing a growth mindset. Setting goals that help you get closer to the woman you desire to be. Protecting your energy. Meditation practices to find your inner peace. Creating space to BE. 

Meet your facilitator

Janelle McMiller will be facilitating this mastermind. This will be the 5th mastermind that Janelle has led/co lead. Janelle was able to completely transform her life with one huge decision in 2013. Since then she has created a life she is obsessed with through mindset shifts, self acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness. She has been nicknamed the Manifesting Queen.. and she will be sharing all of her routines, tips, and lessons learned with you!


Capacity: 10 women

Location: ZOOM

Dates: November 18-January 6th

Day/time: Wednesday's from 6:00pm - 8:00pm (PST)

Investment: $777



One 1:1 coaching session with Janelle 


Q & A

What if I am an introvert?

Great! Janelle is too! That is why it is important for us to keep the Mastermind small in quantity so that it will be safe, intimate, and feel like a protected space to open up and share.

What if I must miss a meeting?

While we encourage everyone to make every meeting, we understand that life happens. Each Mastermind session will be recorded and every member will have access to the recording.

Are there refunds?

Outside of an emergency situation, we will not be issues refunds. We are always open to talk out any arising issues and find a solution that works for everyone!

Are you ready for more?Are you ready to invest into yourself so that you can fill up you cup past the point of overflow and be able to give to others?


You have two payment options

Choose whichever one feels best for you- there is no additional cost for the split payment option.

Pay in full


Partial pay

3  payments- bi weekly


due today with two following payments

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