Syncquility Story Sharing Night is a safe place for women to share their voice, their stories.


Our Syncquility Story Sharing night is a monthly event that is one of our more intimate experiences - for this reason we do NOT record, and we ask that you please flip your phones over and stay out of the chat while our speakers are sharing so that you are giving your full attention with respect for their vulnerability. 


This is NOT a space for only polished/seasoned speakers. You do not need to have ANY experience speaking. You are allowed to show up messy.  Remember we are just SHARING our stories.


We are so grateful to have a once a month event where we can come together and be seen, heard, and held while we heal. 



Location: Zoom Video Conferencing


Date: Typically these are held every 1st Friday of the month from 6pm - 7pm PST


Cost for Community Members: Free


Cost for others: $15


Women Only!

What to expect

Presenting Speaker

We hand-select a person within our community to share a personal story as our presenting speaker. This person will have twenty minutes to share.


After each speaker has shared, there will be some time allotted for questions & comments.

Pop-Up Speaker

Two brave volunteers who toss their name into the hat will randomly be drawn to share a personal story. Each will have five minutes to share.


This is one of our more intimate experiences - for this reason we do NOT record.

Interested in Speaking?

Raise your virtual hand in Zoom and you're in the drawing. It's that simple!

During your story share time, you can share any piece of your story that you feel inspired or called to share.


Please note, THERE WILL BE NO SALES PRESENTATIONS ALLOWED. This platform is a space for vulnerable story sharing, not sales pitches. Thank you!







Presenting Speaker for November:


.. Will be announced soon!




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